The Top 10 Complaints About Web-Based PT Billing
It Pays To Pay Attention:

Most practice owners trust their EMR provider when they’re told: “Billing is integrated with EMR.” But a growing number of practice owners are paying attention, and they’re telling us a very different story:

  1. Practice owners report that web-based PT EMR allows front desk staff to leave required registration fields blank.  Nothing stops incomplete data from being billed out.
    1. Your biller wastes their time researching, correcting, and rebilling each date of service

Systems 4PT’s integrated payer-specific rules force the front desk to complete required fields; thus, your biller spends their time collecting money, instead of doing the front desk’s job.

  1. Practice owners report that CPT charges often fail to transfer from the EMR software to the separate billing system
    1. Web-based PT EMR calls these “HL-7 transmission errors”
    2. We call this “Non-Integrated Billing”

Systems 4PT has provided truly integrated billing for the past 16 years.  Throughout tens of millions of treatments, we haven’t lost one CPT code.

  1. Billers report that the billing software does not include scans or EMR from the patient chart because web-based PT EMR is not integrated with billing.
    1. Your biller can’t do their job without scanned images or EMR documentation
    2. The web-based PT EMR’s solution:  You have to pay for an additional EMR license for the biller.  “Gotcha!”

Systems 4PT integrates scheduling, EMR and billing in one, single database.  The biller can see EMR and scans.  The biller can navigate to the registration and make changes before billing.  Everything is in one, single database.

  1. Practice owners complain that visits for commercial insurance are not counted as “consumed” in their web-based PT EMR until the notes are signed.
    1. Because web-based PT EMR is so inefficient, high levels of unsigned notes are common. As such, when 12 visits are authorized, the therapist can sign the patient’s 15th visit, because 3 prior visits are not yet signed.  The all-too-frequent result:  The practice won’t be paid for 3 visits

Systems 4PT counts patient visits as “consumed” when the visit is opened.
And you don’t treat for free.

  1. Practice owners are furious that their billers transfer deductible and coinsurance due balances to the patient, but these balances due are not visible on web-based PT EMR’s front desk schedule screen, because billing isn’t integrated.
    1. Every day, your front desk checks in patients.  Your software tells them, “$0 due.”   Yet, the patients owe you hundreds of dollars for coinsurance and/or deductibles
    2. This is costing you about 3% of revenue.  Money that you’ve earned, that’s lost.

Systems 4PT shows the front desk how much deductible and coinsurance the patient owes because scheduling and billing are integrated in the same, single database. Why would you use software that “doesn’t report” 3% of revenue that’s due?

  1. In the rare event that patients bring their monthly statements and pay coinsurance or deductible at the front desk, these payments must be posted in the billing software a second time because billing is a separate software program from scheduling.

With Systems 4PT, when the front desk enters the patient’s co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance, it instantly auto posts in the billing module touch-free, because billing is integrated within the same database. 

  1. When the Secondary payer requires G-codes, web-based PT EMR allows the therapist to sign the evaluation without G-codes.
    1. The secondary payer rejects the claim

Systems 4PT payer-specific rules won’t let the therapist sign the eval without G-codes. You’re paid what you deserve 

  1.  Because of all this, web-based PT practice owners report noticeably higher collections when they convert to Systems 4PT

Systems 4PT has a 99.87% first-pass claim acceptance rate.  Nothing else comes close. Watch our “Why You’re Not Being Paid” video

  1. Your gut says, “NO” to changing EMR/Billing software, because your web-based PT EMR installation was a chaotic mess that nearly put you out of business.

Systems 4PT’s Stress-Free Installation™ eliminates the chaos and the risk. With our unique Stress-Free Installation™ you’ll notice two things:  Reimbursements increase vs. web-based PT payments.  And documentation time is cut in half. Watch our Stress-Free Installation™ video

  1. You thought web-based PT EMR was a terrific value.
    1. But then you noticed that “all the good stuff” comes with add-on charges.

Systems 4PT’s superior technology is all provided for one, monthly fee.  There are no add-on charges.  We don’t play the “nickel-dime” game. And during Systems 4PT’s Summer Sale, even Stress-Free Installation and training are no charge!

It pays to pay attention. Don’t be fooled by expensive half-truths.

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