The “Telehealth Hard-Stop™”

Compliance requirements with telehealth claims have changed.   There are dozens of ways NOT TO GET PAID when billing Telehealth.

As you have  experienced:

“The more telehealth webinars you attend, the more confused you become”

Patient volume is crashing.  Staff are concerned about their personal safety.  And cash is tightening.

You need a telehealth solution that you can trust.  Here’s the answer:

The Telehealth Hard-Stop™

Systems 4PT integrates payer telehealth rules into our integrated front desk, therapist documentation and billing modules.  Systems 4PT technology monitors Telehealth patients on a real-time basis.  When an admin employee or therapist conflict with a known Telehealth rule, Systems 4PT’s Hard-Stop™ alerts the employee to what’s wrong and instructs them how to fix it.

What’s unique about Hard-Stop™

is that Systems 4PT prevents the non-compliant claim from being submitted

It’s common sense, why would you submit a claim that you know won’t be paid?  Non-compliant telehealth claims are placed in high-profile, “Treatment Not Billable” lists.

Hard-Stop™ is unique.  Systems 4PT monitors over 50 variables, real-time.  If any of these compliance requirements are not satisfied, the claim hits the Hard-Stop™.  And the claims won’t be submitted until it’s corrected.

Give us a call.  We’ll have you documenting compliant telehealth claims next week.  And during the COVID crisis, start up and training fees are waived.  System installation, including telehealth Hard-Stop™ is no charge.

Treat More, Type Less™

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