The Question Everyone is Asking in 2019

To many practice owners, healthcare reform has become an untenable grind. Nights and weekends are spent catching up on documentation. Reimbursements seem to deflate like a leaky balloon. This isn’t an isolated phenomenon. Hordes of practice owners are saying “We’re working harder than ever but there’s not enough money to pay the bills!”

Like a scene out of a bad comedy, the EMR the practice owner once trusted simply ignores their inefficient documentation with non-integrated billing and pummels the practice owner with the campaign: “YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! YOU NEED MORE PATIENTS! YOU NEED MARKETING!”

Seeing through this distraction, practice owners understand: “What’s the value of additional patient volume when we can’t sign the notes from our existing caseload?” And, “Rather than pay my EMR (a lot of) extra money for marketing that promises to increase revenue, why not just get paid fairly for the patients we’re already treating?”

Practice owners are banding together and communicating like never before. While much of this communication occurs over social media, the catalyst isn’t social at all. The catalyst is survival.

The question that everyone’s asking in 2019:

Have you found a way to keep up with documentation and be fairly reimbursed?

Since our inception in 2002, Systems 4PT has been a “high-growth” company, but the Spring of 2019 is like nothing we’ve ever seen. May isn’t known as a strong EMR demand month, and there are no looming compliance changes that are forcing practice owners to install the technology. However, the demand for Systems 4PT is off the charts.

And it’s all coming from the same place: disgruntled practice owners who were referred to us by our happy, satisfied customers.

We can all think of our industry’s big “marketing-driven” EMR. More than ever, outpatient rehab is realizing that marketing can’t make up for slow notes and low payments.

Systems4PT is not a marketing-driven company. We are product-driven.

Marketing-driven companies tell you they’re the best. It’s all about “image.”

Product-driven companies deliver the best products. It’s all about “truly superior function.”

  • Systems 4PT delivers twice the compliance in half the time, vs. any other technology
  • Our practice owners enjoy an average of 9% higher collections vs. their prior approach to billing
    • We measure before and after each installation
  • Our practices average a trending MIPS score of 94 points
    • The highest in the industry
    • With a 20-second workflow
    • And QCDR registry submission, which is provided at no charge
  • Systems 4PT’s US-based customer service is second to none
  • Integrated management reporting measures profit by referral source, profit by payer, and profit by therapist, by month
    • How do you expect to maximize profitability when you can’t measure profit?
  • All of this is provided for dramatically lower cost vs. what you pay for slow-poke EMR and ineffective billing

We’ve got the answer to the question that everybody’s asking.

Treat More, Type Less

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