The Medicare Hard Stop™

There are dozens of ways not to get paid when billing Medicare.

In-service training and “cheat sheets” help, but they don’t fix the problem.  Your staffs’ hearts and minds are on the patients (not on dozens of rules), and to make matters worse, every January 1st Medicare drops some rules and adds others.

There’s only one way to maximize Medicare compliance:

The Medicare Hard Stop™

Systems 4PT integrates payer rules into our front desk, admin, and therapist documentation modules.  Systems 4PT technology monitors Medicare patients on a real-time basis.  When an admin, front desk employee, or therapist conflict with a known Medicare rule, Systems 4PT’s Hard Stop™ alerts the employee to what’s wrong and instructs them how to fix it.

What’s unique about the Hard Stop™

is that Systems 4PT prevents the non-compliant claim from being submitted

It’s common sense, why would you submit a claim that you know won’t be paid?  Non-compliant claims are quarantined in high-profile, “Treatment Not Billable” lists.

Every other EMR that offers Medicare validation is flawed because your employees can “bypass” the message, resulting in a non-compliant, rejected claim. 

Hard Stop™ is different.  Systems 4PT monitors 35 variables in real-time.  If any of these compliance requirements are not satisfied, the claim hits the Hard Stop™ and it won’t be submitted until it’s corrected.

Medicare is tracking your practice with a “super computer.”  The only way to maximize compliance and collections in this environment is to use a “super computer” of your own.

Treat More, Type Less™

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