Recently an EMR uses by rehab Clinicians began communicating pricing for MIPS participation.

According to their customers,

the EMR is charging $150 to $300 per therapist, per month!

Think of it:

A practice with 4 therapists will pay an extra $7,200 to $14,400 per year!

Practice owners who receive these price quotes are telling us (with a lot of passion),

“This pricing is a non-starter!”

It is unclear why the EMR is charging Clinicians so much.  One theory is that the venture capital bank that owns the EMR is simply out of touch with the realities of outpatient rehab.

If you are outraged by your EMR’s pricing for MIPS, give us a call

We’ll show you:

  • EMR that documents twice the compliance, in half the time
  • Our U.S.-based employees who work every unpaid claim before the claims age 30 days (vs. an India-based stranger who works the claim after 90 days, maybe)
  • Which delivers an average 9% increase in reimbursements (because claims are worked vs. ignored)
  • That costs 1/3 less than you’re paying today

Along with:

  • A 20-second MIPS workflow that is more compliant than anything you’ve ever seen
  • Patient engagement, integrated outcome tracking, QCDR registry reporting and end-to-end electronic MIPS submission, provided at no extra charge

Systems4PT is 17 years old.  Because we’ve always been stable and profitable, Systems4PT is owned and managed by the founding management team, not a bank.   We’re in control of our future.  And we’re in control of our pricing.

 Systems4PT provides the fastest MIPS workflow

With the highest compliance in the industry

At no extra charge

Don’t let over-reaching bankers holding your compliance hostage.

You deserve to work with a trustworthy business partner.

Treat More, Type Less™

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