The Biggest Isn’t the Best:  Why You’re About to Change EMR

Have you noticed that today’s biggest EMR doesn’t claim that their documentation is the fastest?  They also don’t purport to be the most compliant or suggest that they provide the highest reimbursements.  Today’s biggest EMR positions themselves with the phrase, “We’re the biggest, we’re the best.”

The fact is, in outpatient rehab EMR, the biggest is NOT the best.

If your EMR cut your documentation time in half, provided you with twice the compliance and an average 9% higher reimbursements, your EMR would indeed be the BEST.

With technology, it’s common for “the biggest” players to be unseated by truly superior technology.   Here are two examples that you’ve experienced.  The same thing is happening today, with outpatient rehab EMR.

Search Engines

Think back to the first time you used a search engine. It wasn’t Google, it was probably Yahoo.  While Yahoo once was #1, you were part of technology’s seismic shift on search engines as Google quickly relegated Yahoo to obscurity.

No one told you to use Google instead of Yahoo.   No one had to.  When you used Google it was obvious, “This works much, much better.”

Social Media

From 2005 to 2009, Myspace was the largest social networking site in the world.  Then along came Facebook, which offered a noticeably better user experience.

When was the last time you heard mention of Myspace?

The biggest players at the time did not remain the best.

EMR in Outpatient Rehab

The introduction of EMR made things worse for therapists because it was slower than the paper documentation it replaced.  Somehow, with EMR, slower documentation became the “new normal.” But, as you’ve experienced, this kind of stagnation doesn’t survive in the world of technology.

Just as no one using Yahoo expected Google to come along, therapists are rapidly discovering documentation and billing that are vastly superior to today’s biggest EMR.  The catalyst of this discovery is the “Hands-on EMR Trial.”  Technology enables you to “test drive” the other EMR on your own computer, at your convenience, and without buying or spending anything, or making any commitment.  You’ll log in and document an evaluation with twice the compliance in half the time vs. your current EMR.

In the same way that nobody had to convince you that Google’s search engine rendered Yahoo’s obsolete, documenting a Systems 4PT “Fast Eval™” will clarify that your checklist EMR is an outdated liability.

Experience the shift from biggest to best.


Have you noticed the president of another leading EMR discussing continually falling reimbursements?  She suggests that the PT industry is on the brink of recession!

On average, Systems 4PT practices have increased reimbursements per claim, each year, since 2013.  Our practices’ reimbursements are stable.  And Systems 4PTs MOR Profit™ technology helps practice owners enjoy a 10% pretax profit.  In today’s market.

How can two EMRs, in the same industry, have such different results?  It’s simple:  One is Google.  The other is Yahoo.


Technology has also revolutionized the EMR installation process.  We understand that installing your current EMR nearly put you out of business.  You were besieged by declining efficiencies and gaps in reimbursements, all because of your software provider’s inadequate installation protocols.

Systems 4PT’s Stress-Free Installation™ is “the Facebook vs. Myspace” of EMR conversion.  Because of superior technology, nothing changes in your practice, except documentation gets faster.  And to your delight, with state-of-the-art technology, reimbursements won’t go down, they’ll go up.

And no one will have to convince you, “This technology is much, much better.”

You deserve the best.

Treat More, Type Less™

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