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As a company committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, we believe in the power of genuine feedback to shape our services and continuously improve the experiences of everyone we serve. Read about the experiences and insights of our current and long standing members shared in the reviews and testimonials below .

Systems4PT Customer Review

Joseph M. Eschman, PT, DPT, GCS

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know how extremely grateful I am and all that that Systems4PT PT Has done in preparing your clients for the MIPS program. I’m also very amazed that I’m hearing that many therapists feel it is too complex and that the risk is greater than the reward. So far it appears you have made my decision simple and I believe uncomplicated. Your technology appears to be truly Superior to the other systems from what I’m hearing from my peers.

— Doctor of Physical Therapy, Geriatric Certified Specialist

Systems4PT Member

Jamie Rockwin, PT, DPT

With Systems 4PT we are collecting a lot more money. And we are collecting our money twice as fast. I have gone from running my practice from instinct to managing by numbers making more informed decisions and improving my bottom line. People just don’t know how valuable this system is. Yes, Systems 4PT is a faster note. But it’s much more than that. Systems 4PT is, “The key to thriving in today’s market”.

— PT, Rockwin PT

Systems4PT Member

Chris Magil, DPT

Duanesburg Physical Therapy has been working with Systems 4PT for Eight years. During this time our collections per claim has averaged 19.3% higher than with our previous approach to billing and collections. Having interacted with many other physical therapy practices in the local area I am also thrilled with the fact that our average collections per claim with Focus has been 10.3% higher than the regional average. I recommend Systems 4PT without hesitation.

-Director, Duanesberg PT

Review of Systems4PT

Denise Keehn, PT

Thank you Systems 4PT for making it possible for me to document at work and not after hours!

— Owner, Northern Valley Physical Therapy

Review of Systems4PT

Illena Kipnis, PT

Systems 4PT is the only practice management company I’ve found who delivers what they advertise.

— President, Kipnis PT

Review of Systems4PT

Lisa Baumgart, MPT

My business is back on track and thriving now, my documentation is current and I am making a good living. The stress of what I was dealing with prior to Systems 4PT is GONE! In the end, I go home every night knowing that my business is in tip-top shape, I have more time with my family since I am not bringing work home anymore and I rest easy.

— Director, Greylock PT

Systems4PT Customer

Charles Donley, PT

Thanks for giving me my life back. With my old web-based EMR, we spent nights and weekends documenting. Now we’re treating more patients and going home on time.

— PT & Owner Regional Rehab

Systems4PT Member

Pam Bookout, Director

Until the time we began working with Systems4PT, our practice felt chaotic and unstructured. We were constantly trying to be sure that we were compliant with new changes in the billing world, particularly with regard to Medicare. I am happy to say our world is much better now, thanks to Systems4PT. They have replaced chaos with order. We now can focus on patient care. We know that we are compliant, and do not have to keep up with new updates and changes in billing, Systems does that for us. Our documentation is organized and professional, keeping all information perfectly. Our insurance reimbursement now is timely. Should there be insurance issues with insurance billing – and there always will be – we have an entire team at our disposal to effectively fix the problem. I am very glad that we chose Systems 4PT for our documentation and billing. They have our heartfelt thanks for helping our practice become the best it can be.”

— Physical Therapy Services

Systems4PT Member

Todd A. Warner, PT, CHT

Our collections have significantly improved with Systems4PT. We also have saved about $40K per year vs. our prior system we were using. It’s the best system I have seen for a manager who wants to make sure that the staff therapists are keeping up with the notes/re-evaluations/discharges. It also is unbeatable regarding allowing the manager to oversee the front-desk co-pays, pre-authorizations, etc.

— Owner, Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center, LLC

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