Telehealth: Many Ways NOT to Get Reimbursed

COVID 19 is a crisis.  On all levels.

As our industry transitions to telehealth, somehow Physical Therapists are now responsible for the entirely new billing methodology that’s required.  Somebody decided that Physical Therapists have endless free time to watch bone-dry webinars about billing.

Is it the Physical Therapist’s job to be a billing expert?

Have you met the P.T. who has endless free time available to watch all these telehealth webinars?

We haven’t either.

While therapists scramble to master the language of “place of service” and “telehealth modifier” codes, there are four other equally vital rules that must be satisfied for a telehealth claim to be paid.  And no one’s talking about them.   Ask your EMR, they can’t list them.

Please.  Stop Wasting Your Time

With Systems 4PT, P.T.s and O.T.s document as they normally do.  Systems4PT takes care of the six telehealth-specific requirements needed for payment.  Period.   It’s that simple.

Systems 4PT Hard-Stop™ technology monitors over 50 payer-specific rules that communicate each payer’s requirements.

Hard-Stop™ validation has been updated with 37 new telehealth rules, specifically applied to over 85 different payers in each different state (that’s over 157,250 telehealth-specific rules).

Your job is to treat the patient

Your EMR’s job is to adapt to telehealth, and get each claim paid

Amidst the COVID 19 crisis, Systems 4PT has waived all startup and training fees. You won’t incur any fees until after you’re paid.

Fill in our form of give us a call

You can be submitting clean telehealth claims with Systems 4PT next week.

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