Telehealth Claim Acceptance Results – The Money’s Flowing

Systems 4PT practices began submitting telehealth claims in March.     Yesterday we analyzed the payers’ acceptance rates for telehealth claims submitted through April 6th.

Our workflow is simple, “The therapist signs the note, just like normal”.

Systems 4PT technology adds the necessary place of service code and telehealth modifier(s) for the specific payer and state.  

Hard-Stop™ Validation then verifies that the correct CPT codes are used, whether assistants are allowed to sign the claim, and the other unique telehealth rules.

Errors are communicated to the therapist real time.  This process delivers a clean telehealth claim for each payer’s unique rule set.

The First pass acceptance rate for our telehealth E*visit claims is 98%

This is lower than Systems 4PT’s usual first pass claim acceptance rate of 99.87%.  Errors that caused the 2% denials were identified, corrected and rebilled.

We can verify that payments are flowing with Medicare, BCBS and other major payers

Cash is flowing for telehealth & E*visits

Your job is to treat the patient

You sign the telehealth notes

It is Systems 4PT’s job to get the telehealth claims to the payers and get them paid

Rather than calling 25 payers, speaking with their ill-informed help desks and then struggling to “figure out” how to get paid, System4Pt has different advice:

Focus on your patients

Don’t’ make 25 calls. Make one. 

Give us a call.  Then focus on your patients. 

Sign your telehealth notes.  We’ll get you paid.



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