Steps to Success for Your PT or OT Clinic

      1.  Treat More, Type Less

We all know that typing does not enhance patient progression.  When you’re able to spend more time hands-on treating, your patients get better, sooner.

Our video, “What Makes a Systems 4PT Evaluation so Much Faster?” demonstrates how Systems 4PT reduces your eval documentation time by 10-30 minutes.

Want to be a better PT or OT?   Treat More & Type Less™.

     2. Invest in Success

More than ever, attractive features are competing for your practice’s expense dollars:  EMR, Patient Relationship Modules, Outcome Modules, MIPS Registries E*fax, Reminder Calls, and more.

Are these features important?  ABSOLUTELY.

Should your practice pay extra for any of them? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Systems 4PT provides the features listed above for 20-35% less than the bank-owned EMRs who nickel and dime you every chance they get.

Want to be a better OT or PT?  Invest in building your therapeutic knowledge.  Earn new certifications.  Broaden your clinical expertise.   Invest in success!

     3. Reject the Treadmill

Treating lots and lots and lots of patients…  That’s not the treadmill.  That’s your passion!

Restoring pain-free function to your patients’ lives is why you get out of bed every morning.

However, documentation, healthcare reform, working late, catching up on notes over the weekend:  These are the hallmarks of “the treadmill.” And, contrary to popular belief, treadmills aren’t stationary.  Treadmills lead to a place called “burnout.”

Reject the treadmill!

Reject slow, outdated EMR that wastes 15, 20, 30 minutes of your time on every evaluation.

Reject your EMR’s version of  “normal” that traps you in a 24/7 struggle to catch up on notes.  Family time suffers.  Your perspective suffers.

Want to be a better PT or OT?  Reject the treadmill!  Take your weekends back.  Recharge.  Put that smile back on your face!

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