The Revolution in Outpatient Rehab

Documentation is consuming more of your time than ever.  Looking ahead, as we transition to “Pay For Progression,” MIPS, and MACRA, it’s going to get worse.

While technology is making everything in your life more efficient and more precise, ask yourself, “Why isn’t this the case with my EMR?”

The answer is simple: You’re using the wrong EMR.

Systems 4PT is a radical departure from your time-consuming, checklist documentation. Our technology has leap-frogged the industry, providing significantly higher levels of compliance, in literally half the time.

Our practice owners are forward thinking. They know that typing doesn’t make the patient better, and they insist on spending their time hands-on treating. They know that staying late to catch up on notes and documenting from home are not  “necessary evils.” These things are a waste of time and negatively impact quality of life.

Treat yourself to a no-charge, hands-on EMR consultation. Document an eval and some notes on your own computer.

Take your life back.

Join the Revolution