Physical Therapy Billing: How To Do It Better, Faster?

The best outcomes in Physical Therapy happen when you have the same therapist treating a patient throughout their entire episode of care. The therapist becomes familiar with the patient’s needs, and the patient develops a level of trust with the therapist. We at Systems4PT use the same methodology when it comes to billing. With Systems4PT, the data resides in the same integrated database. Why transfer data between multiple software packages?

The approach that Systems4PT takes with our billing solution is unique compared to other EMRs in Physical Therapy. Other EMRs require you to use a separate software package developed by a different company. Those pieces of software often don’t speak the exact same ‘language’ and the data must be ‘translated’ when used to submit claims. This delays how quickly your claim gets to the payor and makes your claims less accurate, resulting in denials, delayed payments, and/or smaller reimbursements. The costs associated with having to use multiple software companies are often much higher to the Physical Therapy Clinic. In the end collections are less and costs are higher.

With Systems4PT, Billing, Documentation and Patient intake are all integrated in the same software package with the same database. We then use that integration to automate your documentation and billing, saving you time and getting you paid faster. After the note is signed, it is at the payor within 24 hours. Because of this speed, the average PT clinic gets paid in an average of 15 days from the time the note is signed. When the rest of the Physical Therapy EMR and billing industry is satisfied with getting paid in 4 to 5 weeks.

Systems4PT controls everything from patient scheduling through final payment, and all the people involved are US based Systems4PT employees. Getting paid with Systems4PT is streamlined in a way no other EMR can do. Just like treating your patients through their entire episode of care with ONE PT, there should be only ONE company handling your claims from beginning to end. From our 16 years of experience, we are so confident in this process that we only invoice our clinics a percentage of what they get paid. There are no upfront charges, and we don’t add extra charges for services, it is all included at one low rate.

Now that you’re in the know, are you ready to join the others that experience the benefits of Systems4PT? Let’s have a conversation!

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