Pessimism and the PT – Here’s the Cure

Another leading EMR recently published a blog titled, “Pessimism and the PT.”  You can Google the blog’s title if you want to read something gloomy.

It laments topics such as:

  • Higher documentation requirements
  • Ever-declining reimbursements
  • Increasingly burdensome payer requirements
  • Unrealistic productivity expectations
  • Excessive emphasis on patient satisfaction surveys

Have you noticed that EMR companies that have spent more on marketing than on technology have become pessimistic as they openly discuss declining reimbursements and frustration with inefficient documentation?  One even asked if rehab was on the brink of recession!

A Bleak Future?

Low-tech EMR is leaving many PT’s with the feelings that, “I can’t take any more” and as it relates to documentation and payments. “There’s no more stretch left in the rubber band.”  But we all need to realize:

In three months, your practice will be faced with 7% takebacks as MIPS introduces the most burdensome requirements ever.  And after that, commercial payers are expected to join the program.

If your EMR is making you pessimistic today, how will you survive the next wave of healthcare reform?

How to Lose Your Blues

During the last 16 years, Systems 4PT has taken a completely different approach to EMR.   Through years of constant improvement, we’ve invested tens of millions of dollars into technology instead of slick marketing.  Our results speak for themselves:

Systems 4PT is the only EMR with which average collections per claim have not declined since 2013*

More than half of our practices collected the same or more per claim Jan-June 2018 vs. Jan-June 2017.

Systems 4PT integrates payer rules into the front desk and therapist workflows

Employees are guided to satisfy payer rules that are unknown to other software.  Employees can’t sign off if claims don’t pass the payer rules.

Systems 4PT’s first-pass acceptance rate leads the industry at 99.87%

No one else comes close.

Systems 4PT is the only EMR that is faster than paper documentation

We will cut your documentation time in half, with twice the Medicare compliance.

Systems 4PT features an integrated MIPS workflow

In 2016, our PQRS workflow had 65% higher compliance than the industry standard, delivered in 97% less time than other EMR.  We’ll do the same with MIPS.

Systems 4PT offers a free EMR trial

Documenting is believing.

Systems 4PT reports profit, by therapist, by month

Follow our protocols.  It’s easy to earn a 10% pretax profit in today’s outpatient rehab industry.

It’s Time for an Attitude Adjustment

Your low-tech, checklist EMR hasn’t kept up with healthcare reform.  They haven’t solved your problems and they’re now openly discussing their shortcomings.  And all of this only gets worse when MIPS begins in 3 months.

Meanwhile, therapists who use technology-driven EMR, get their notes signed, and enjoy stable collections are not intimidated by the next round of healthcare reform.  And these therapists pay less for these superior results than what you pay for inadequate EMR and billing today.

Take a look at Systems 4PT and you’ll see why

It’s a GREAT time to own a practice in outpatient rehab!