Patient Engagement: Setting Your Practice Apart from THE NOISE

EMRs now offer Patient Relationship Modules (PRMs) that enable practices to market directly to their patients.

The potential seems unlimited. Your practice can advertise a “Healthy Back” seminar to patients previously treated for back-related diagnoses. You can touch base with patients a year after their last visit and offer them a free “tune-up.” Patient dropouts can be automatically invited back to treatment. This communication is all driven by the integrated PRM. The practice has no additional work, and the computer does the heavy lifting. Great stuff!

But you’re already dealing with a full inbox!

Everyone’s inbox is full. Consumer-direct marketing is the new norm from every restaurant you’ve visited, every website you’ve browsed, and every bill you’ve paid. Your inbox is a fluid compilation of “where you’ve been” and “why everybody wants you back.” And all this noise is ON TOP of the 50 or 60 emails you get daily from work associates and friends! As a result, patient relationship marketing’s FANTASTIC potential is relegated to the 2% click rate typical with consumer-direct marketing. Not great at all.

But with Systems 4PT, your practice stands out from all the noise.

Therefore, while the PRMs of other EMRs send “happy talk” to the patient like, “Come back to see us,” “It’s National PT Month,” “We’re worried that you dropped out,” and “Thank you for choosing XYZ Rehab,”

Systems 4PT leverages our single-database integration to speak directly to the patient with an unmistakable, personal message.

Similarly, instead of sending generic “Keep it up!” emails reminding the patient not to drop out, Systems 4PT’s PRM updates the patient about their progression. The patient sees their initial functional deficit, they see their progress, and they see their forecasted functional outcome.

Above all, the communication is personal, motivating, and EXACTLY the type of support that will keep the patient “on track” with their upcoming visits.

For instance, rather than sending generic “We miss you” emails to dropouts, Systems 4PT’s PRM notifies the patient of their current functional limitations and pain levels and communicates forecasted functional improvements and (lowered) pain levels. The patient is directly and personally challenged, “Why in the world would you choose to live the rest of your life with this (quantified) pain and functional limitation?”

Systems 4PT doesn’t stop there. Our technology also data mines your single database and ups the pressure, “Did you know that your therapist, Kristen, is in the top 10 percentile in the United States for shoulder outcomes? You’re living every day with … while one of the best therapists in the world is a few miles away, ready to help you. LET’S FIX THE PROBLEM!”

This is what Systems 4PT does best: We leverage technology to set your therapists and your practice apart from the noise.

And unlike the $100+ per month fees charged by every other EMR for this functionality,

Systems 4PT provides this industry-leading technology for no additional charge.

Let’s talk about how S4PT can help your clinic get more!

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