This isn’t click bait.  This is FACT.

The average collection cycle in days (CCID) for outpatient rehab is 39 days. That means that most PTs and OTs, despite their hard work, are waiting 5 or more weeks to be paid for it.  That means YOU are working long hours to restore patient deficits, then waiting over a month to be paid by the same payers who expect you to restore those deficits as soon as possible.

How is that fair?  It isn’t.  It’s crazy.

The average CCID for Systems 4PT practices is 18 days. 

Eighteen days is a world-class CCID, and Systems 4PT is proud to say this has been a consistent average for us. Our industry-leading CCID affords our clinic partners better cash flow, far less need for borrowing, a much more attractive accounts receivable if they are looking for financing, and less financial stress than can be had with any other PT/OT EMR.

When you partner with Systems 4PT, you’ll have the tools you need to concentrate on restoring the physical deficits of your patients while we work to reduce the financial deficits of your current collections.

You’re a medical professional.  We believe your income should reflect that.  Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

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