Our Medicare Hard Stop Makes Medicare Easy!

Systems 4PT’s Medicare Hard Stop is your ticket to maximizing Medicare compliance.

We integrate payer rules into the front desk, admin, and therapist documentation modules.  Our technology monitors Medicare patients on a real-time basis.  When documentation at your clinic conflicts with a known Medicare rule, Systems 4PT’s Hard Stop™ alerts you about what’s wrong and instructs you how to fix it.

Medicare Hard Stop will alert you about non-compliant claims.

This Allows you to get paid for every Medicare claim you submit.

Other EMRs offer flawed Medicare validation because your employees can bypass warnings, resulting in non-compliant and rejected claims.

Hard Stop™ is different.  Systems 4PT monitors 35 variables in real time.  If any of these Medicare compliance requirements are not satisfied, the claim is flagged by our Hard Stop™ technology. It is not submitted until it’s corrected according to the up-to-date Medicare rules.

Medicare is tracking your practice with advanced technology, it’s only fair that you leverage technology to keep your claims compliant.

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