New Medicare Rules: Want a Higher Medicare Fee Schedule?

There’s Only One Way to Get It.

On November 1, 2018, the CMS’ 2019 Final Rule announced that Medicare’s annual cost of living fee schedule increase would be discontinued.  While rent, energy, taxes, payroll, and other costs will continue to increase, your Medicare Fee schedule will never increase again.

New Rules and The New Way to Win

Increasing your Medicare fee schedule now requires participation in an incentive payment system where incremental reward and bonus dollars are earned.   The program is called the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, also known as MIPS.

About 15% of outpatient rehab is participating in MIPS during 2019.  Good for them. Most of these practices will qualify for the 2021 reward and bonus dollars from Medicare.  Doing so, they have locked in a higher Medicare fee schedule.  It’s like “money in the bank.”

Your practice deserves (and needs) a Higher Medicare Fee Schedule, and January 1, 2020 is your opportunity to begin participating in MIPS and qualifying for incentive payments in 2022.

However, when using most outpatient EMR, MIPS is confusing, time consuming, and expensive. Most EMRs charge the equivalent of 3% to 5% of Medicare revenue to participate in MIPS. As such, there’s obviously no point in paying 5% to get a MIPS reward of 2% or 4%.  However…

A different type of business partner makes MIPS easy, fast, and free, while enabling you to  get paid more!

As Systems 4PT analyzed the 2019 final rule, we were overwhelmed with the consequences that rising costs juxtaposed with a flat fee schedule would have on our customers.  After several hundred hours of research, our management and programing engineers finally understood the convoluted and often contradictory MIPS program. As a result, on January 1, 2019, Systems 4PT delivered:

  • A 20-second MIPS workflow instead of the typical 10 minutes spent via other EMR
  • 150 – 500 words of required MIPS-specific defensive documentation
  • An average trending MIPS score of 95.2 points, which will enable 60% of our practices to score 100 points for 2019, and enable over 99% of our practices to qualify for reward or bonus dollars in 2021
  • With all of this provided at no additional charge. We absorb all costs.

With  Systems 4PT, your  practice can qualify for the higher 2021 fee schedule.

“Trustworthy” is more than a marketing tag line. We would like to help your practice qualify for a higher Medicare Fee schedule.   Let’s put some “money in the bank!”

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