MIPS: You Can’t Win If You Don’t Know the Score

The MIPS penalty for 2019 is 7% of Medicare reimbursements.

The MIPS penalty for 2020 increases to 9%

MIPS is often referred to as “Pay for Progression”

But most practice owners can’t measure patient progression

Quality, Progression, and Outcomes are the keys to full payment.

If your practice cannot measure patient outcomes by therapist and body region vs. the national average, then it is extremely vulnerable.

You can’t succeed at “Pay for Progression”
if you can’t measure “Progression.”

It’s already started: Your practice is falling behind, right now.

MIPS is designed to separate rehab into “winners” and “losers.” The “losers” are hit with steep reimbursement takebacks that are then distributed to the “winners.”

Today, thousands of practice owners are analyzing their patient outcomes vs. the national average. They are reacting. These practices are taking steps to improve patient outcomes wherever necessary.

If other practices improve while your practice remains constant, you will be hit with 7% to 9% takebacks. This is unacceptable.

Paying extra for outcomes analysis is also unacceptable. One common outcomes tool charges $50 per therapist per month, every month, forever.

How to Thrive Amidst MIPS

Systems 4PT:

  • Integrates by-therapist and by-body-region outcomes reporting at no charge
  • Is the only EMR that is faster than paper documentation
  • Contains payer-specific rules that result in an average 9% increase in collections per claim vs. our customers’ prior approach to billing
  • Is the only EMR whose customers’ average collections per visit in 2018 have not declined and are even with (or greater than) 2017
  • Includes integrated MIPS technology, delivering the highest compliance in outpatient rehab
  • Innovated our unique Stress-Free Installation™
  • Costs less than what you spend today for EMR and billing that aren’t MIPS compliant

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