MIPS Update: 18% to 71% of Practices are REQUIRED to Participate in MIPS!

Thousands of practice owners are unaware they are REQUIRED to participate in MIPS for 2021. Not complying is expected to result in a 10% MIPS reimbursement penalty in 2023 (on top of Medicare’s existing cuts.)

The Misleading Generalities We Have All Heard

We have all heard that MIPS is insignificant. MIPS is required for less than 10% of practices. MIPS is something that few people need to worry about. This advice is flat wrong.

Here’s What We’ve Learned:

While coordinating MIPS submissions for 2020, Systems4PT was surprised to learn that 18% of our practices must submit MIPS for 2021.

That’s not the shocking part. The “18%” stat includes Systems4PT’s smaller practices, which, by definition, are not MIPS eligible. Analyzing groups of larger practices is a shocker.


REQUIRED to Participate in MIPS

Systems4PT has notified all practices that are REQUIRED to submit MIPS in 2021.

The concept of a 10% cut in Medicare payments (because of MIPS penalties) is the last thing any practice owner needs!

Has Your EMR Notified You Whether You Are Required to Submit MIPS in 2021?

Don’t let their lack of support lower your Medicare reimbursements by another 10%.

We want your practice to be strong, fully paid and focused on patients, not problems.

Use This 30-Second Workflow

to Determine if Your Practice is REQUIRED to Submit MIPS in 2021.

Visit The CMS Participation Lookup site here!

REQUIRED to Participate in MIPS

Because your EMR is not watching out for you is vital that you answer the question,

Am I REQUIRED to Submit MIPS in 2021?

With other EMRs….

  • Expect to pay around $300 per therapist for MIPS submission (even though it costs them about $100 per therapist)
  • Expect to spend an extra 3 to 5 minutes per evaluation, entering MIPS data and the required 150-300 words of defensive documentation

Or… Work With an EMR Who Makes All This Easy

Systems4PT is the Undisputed MIPS Authority in Outpatient Rehabilitation

Systems4PT technology provides:

  • Notification if your practice is REQURED to submit MIPS data
  • A compliant, 10-second workflow, including the 150-300 words of required defensive documentation
  • QCDR MIPS submission
  • All at no extra charge

100% of Eligible Systems 4PT Practices Earned a Perfect 100-Point MIPS Score in 2020

100% of Eligible Systems 4PT Practices are Submitting Compliant MIPS Data in 2021


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