MIPS Scoring Update Through Q2 – More Fallout From the Pandemic

All Systems4PT practices have received their trending MIPS scores through Q2 2020. The by-measure analysis included instructions on how to correct any non-perfect scores.

The bad news is that average trending 2020 MIPS scores are lower than 2019 Q2 scores. The reasons for the lower scoring are directly related to COVID-19.

But there is good news. With six months remaining in 2020, practices have plenty of time to react. Systems 4PT practices received by-measure instructions on how to increase their MIPS scores to a perfect 100 points.

Why it Matters

About 10% of therapists in outpatient rehab must report MIPS for calendar year 2020. Failure to deliver a qualifying score could result in 7% takebacks, ON TOP of the announced 8% cut in the Medicare fee schedule.

Many practices (who are not required to report MIPS) voluntarily opt into MIPS 2020, hoping to earn bonus and reward dollars in 2022.

MIPS is the only way to offset some of the announced 8% cut in the Medicare fee schedule.

The problem: Because of COVID-19, MIPS practices hoping for rewards are underperforming and may be at risk of take-backs.

MIPS performance has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. There is ample time to react to these problems and maximize MIPS scoring. However, reacting requires a YTD by-measure scoring analysis.

This topic is aggravated by the fact that Systems4PT is the only EMR that updates practices on their trending score. Many practices pay A LOT of money for MIPS participation but receive zero scoring feedback.

What You Should Do

Practices must DEMAND that their EMR provide a YTD, by-measure MIPS scoring analysis. Get ahold of your EMR. Talk to the boss, talk to the boss’s boss.

Tell them:

  • You refuse to pay extra for MIPS when the EMR isn’t holding up their end of the deal.
  • Since the EMR is not providing the feedback that would enable you to avoid take-backs, you are expecting the EMR to cover any MIPS penalties

Systems4PT Is the Undisputed MIPS Authority in Outpatient Rehab

  • We provide a 10-second MIPS workflow
  • Quarterly trending score updates with instructions on all under-performing measures
  • QCDR MIPS submission
  • At no extra charge

In 2019:

  • Systems 4PT was the first EMR to ever achieve a perfect MIPS audit with our QCDR
  • 93% of our practices participated in MIPS with a 95.6-point average score
  • 63% of our practices scored a perfect 100-point MIPS score

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