MIPS Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

Yesterday, another leading EMR released guidelines for complying with MIPS in 2019.

Mostly everyone wondered: “Why would an EMR wait until we are 25% into 2019 before sending instructions for complying with MIPS in 2019?

But that’s not the only red flag. That 33-page instruction manual fails to solve MIPS’ most challenging problems.

MIPS is Complex

There are over 4 million potential MIPS permutations with each patient evaluation. Combing through an 8,345-word instruction manual is not the key to compliance.

MIPS is Time Consuming

Complying with MIPS adds 300-500 additional words to each evaluation. This increases documentation time by 7-12 minutes.

MIPS is Expensive

Practice owners are pushing back as EMRs are charging $100 to $300 per therapist, per month, for full MIPS participation.

Systems4PT has solved each of these problems.

Since January 1, 2019, Systems 4PT practices have enjoyed:

  • A 20-second MIPS workflow (average)
  • With demonstrated compliance that is higher than any other EMR has delivered
  • At no additional charge


Medicare is judging your MIPS performance with a supercomputer.

The ONLY way to earn the MIPS bonus is to use your own supercomputer.

There Is Only One Supercomputer in Outpatient Rehab.

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