MIPS Q3 Update: Scores Increase as Practices React to Feedback

Systems 4PT practices have been updated on their trending Q3 MIPS scores with an average score of 95.2 points.

This is how to win at MIPS.

At the end of Q1, Systems 4PT practices that were not trending toward 100 points received by-measure instructions discussing how to improve. Because of that, those practices reacted and their trending MIPS scores improved in Q2.

After that, those same practices received Q2 updates, including recommendations on how to improve their scores even more. Those practices reacted again, thus improving their Q3 scores even further. In other words,

By definition, practices that adjust and improve

are scoring higher than practices that don’t.

Is Your EMR Helping You Win at MIPS?

Most practices are telling us that their EMRs are NOT providing quarterly MIPS scoring updates. Therefore, it’s unclear if those EMRs don’t know how to calculate the data, or if they’re trying to avoid embarrassing conversations.

Worse yet is the advice from one EMR telling practices not to worry about MIPS:  “The 1% or 2% MIPS bonus is insignificant.”  Remember, takebacks are 5% to 7%, which is very significant. Therefore,

If you are participating in MIPS, it’s almost certain that improvements exist

that could increase your year-end score.

Recommended Year-End MIPS Strategy

It’s time to act.  Your options to improve your MIPS score dwindle further every day that passes.

  • Remind your EMR that you are paying A LOT of money for MIPS participation
  • Demand to see your current trending MIPS scores, by measure, by therapist
  • If your EMR can’t provide that data, ask them, “Why am I paying extra for MIPS when I don’t receive feedback about our MIPS submissions?”

If your 2019 MIPS performance is a disappointment (or a mystery),

Systems 4PT can fix your problem.

Systems 4PT’s MIPS Overview

  • We provide a 20-second, audit-proven workflow
  • Including 150 – 300 words of required MIPS defensive documentation
  • Frequent performance updates, including recommendations to improve trending scores
  • The undisputed highest MIPs scores in the industry
  • Submitted with our QCDR Registry, at no charge to you!

Treat More, Type Less™

Background definition: “Trending scores” are not “submission status.”  Scores include high-valued vs. low-valued MIPS measures, applicable bonus points for perfect submission (by measure, based on topped-out rules), and applicable “end-to-end electronic” and “small practice” bonus points.  Finally, points for patient engagement activities are also added.