MIPS, Medicare and the New Year

Most patient deductibles reset on January 1st, and about 30% of your first quarter collections should be collected from patient deductibles and co-insurance. If your patient’s plan runs on the calendar year, their deductible will need to be updated in their registration. You can stay on top of this by having your front desk collect payment during check-in.

Since the affordable care act was passed in 2010, patient payments have grown to over 11% of your revenue.

Systems4PT’s End to End, Integrated Billing communicates deductible & co-insurance balances due during patient intake. This makes sure you do not miss out on collecting deductibles.

The New Year also brings the reset for the Medicare cap; for 2022 it will be $2,150.00 for PT, OT, and SLP. Please be sure to reset all Medicare caps on 1/1/2022.

There are a couple of updates on the MIPS front. Measure 154, Falls Risk Assessment, has been eliminated. You could focus on Measure 226, Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention. This is available to PTs this year. This was specifically an OT measure but was updated for PT at the end of 2020.

The measure has 3 submission criteria:

  1. All patients who were screened for tobacco use
  2. All patients who were identified as a tobacco user and who received tobacco cessation intervention
  3. All patients who were screened for tobacco use and, if identified as a tobacco user received tobacco cessation intervention or identified as a tobacco non-user

The score required to avoid a MIPS penalty has increased to 75 for 2022. This means paying close attention to your MIPS options for every patient.

MIPS reporting and Medicare hard stops are part of our system with no additional fees.
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