Introducing the Stress-Free EMR Conversion

Don’t be afraid to upgrade your EMR!

We often hear:

“The last time I changed EMR it nearly put me out of business.

I can’t afford that type of disruption again.”

It’s a bizarre contradiction:

Because your EMR did a lousy job, you’re unable to leave them.

You feel trapped.

That’s why Systems 4PT invented the Stress-Free Installation™

The Stress-Free Installation™:

  • Is a gradual shift from your old EMR to the new
  • Does not involve any sudden, major, or disruptive changes to your practice
  • Allows you to verify higher efficiency and payments in advance

Comparing the Stress-Free Installation™ to Your Previous EMR Conversion

Systems 4PT’s EDI experts populate your group and individual credentialing data into your new database.

With your last EMR conversion, your employees entered credentialing data into new and unfamiliar software. Payment interruptions were inevitable

With Systems 4PT’s Stress-Free Installation™, on conversion day, everyone comes to work and almost nothing changes.

  • There’s no “total conversion” of patient data
  • Active patients are documented in the old EMR, and only new evaluations are documented and billed in Systems 4PT
  • The PET (Patient Eligibility Tool) connects with the payer, via EDI, to asssist with confirming data accuracy.
  • This is part of Systems 4PT’s 99.87% first-pass acceptance rate
  • All active patients’ daily visits and re-evals are documented in the old EMR

With your previous EMR conversion, all active patients were manually converted into the new EMR and 4% of keystrokes were errors. Your database was populated with numerous, hidden, payment-truncating problems. Payment interruptions were inevitable.

With Systems 4PT’s Stress-Free Installation™, only new evaluations are documented during conversion.

  • Nothing else changes, except that new evaluations now take about half the time
  • New patients are evaluated, and their daily notes are documented, using Systems 4PT
  • These daily notes are expected to be signed at point of care, without “homework”
  • The only claims that bill out in the new EMR are the new evals
  • The practice owner verifies that reimbursements are about 9.6% higher than previous
  • Payments are received in half the time
  • Systems 4PT ensures that billing is set up properly before converting all patients

With your previous EMR conversion, at the same moment on the same day, 100% of patients became a new and inefficient experience for every employee. Every patient was documented in the new EMR and documentation took too long. Because the EMR was slow, therapist homework and stress increased (and never got better). Payments suffered and dozens of separate and hidden problems took months to identify and correct.

The EMR you dislike today was the cause of your previous, chaotic conversion.

The real problem is that your practice never really recovered from that chaos

The solution is the Stress-Free Installation™

Take a Look at Systems 4PT:

Our EMR delivers twice the compliance, in half the time™.

You’ll enjoy a 9.6% average increase in collections, with an average 18-day collection cycle.

You’ll pay less than you do today for EMR and billing, and

Relax with a Stress-Free Installation™

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