How the CMS is Now Forcing Practices That Document on Paper to Convert to EMR

You’ve avoided documenting on EMR for years because you worried it was less efficient than paper. You’ve been told that paper documentation wouldn’t work with G-codes, PQRS, or the new eval complexity codes. But here you are, in August 2018, doing just fine. Honestly, you feel validated.

Next comes MIPS.

MIPS is different.

MIPS is going to put paper practices out of business. Read Our Explanation of How the MIPS Program Will Punish Paper-Based Practices.

MIPS stands for “Merit-Based Incentive Payment System.” Its goal is to adjust reimbursements based on performance in four categories: quality, Cost, Promoting Interoperability, and Improvement Activities.

In the past, paper practices could submit G-codes, PQRS, and eval codes on the HICFA (claims-based submission). MIPS is different. MIPS will require PQRS and other data to be submitted via a registry. Paper notes don’t work with registries. Without registry submission, you will suffer the 7% to 9% MIPS takebacks.

The G-codes, PQRS, and eval code programs did not require an EMR, and documentation on paper was fine. MIPS is different. MIPS requires practices to document using an EMR, and the EMR must be “Certified.” Without a “Certified” EMR, it will be impossible to earn the MIPS rebate, and you will be more vulnerable to suffering takebacks.

Today, referring doctors are happy to work with paper-based practices. MIPS is different. Interoperability is sharing PHI (patient health information) with other healthcare stakeholders. MIPS is designed to rapidly transform healthcare into an industry that digitally shares PHI at the speed of light. As this happens, referring doctors will intensely avoid paper-based rehab practices because, with interoperable rehab practices, they won’t need to make phone calls to request data, won’t need to wait for faxes, and won’t waste time handling paper.

G-codes and PQRS were limited to Medicare. MIPS is different. The CMS is openly encouraging (pressuring) the major commercial payers to adopt MIPS protocols as early as 2020. This will result in better communication, quantification of quality at all levels, less paper, and greater efficiencies. It’s going to happen a lot faster than you expect.

Your “paper practice” will rapidly find itself outside of the medical model and in an untenable situation. Your currently reliable referral sources will grow distant. The bulk of your reimbursements will be subject to 4% to 9% takebacks (this money will then be given to rehab practices who are the most MIPS compliant), and your costs will continue to increase

Systems4PT is the ONLY EMR that…

  • Is faster than paper documentation
  • Delivers twice the compliance in half the time vs. any other EMR
  • Includes integrated MIPS workflow
  • Costs less than any other EMR/billing option in outpatient rehab

MIPS is Different. So is Systems4PT.

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