How Game Changing Technology Benefits Your Practice

Systems4PT is the undisputed technology leader in outpatient rehabilitation. Our integrated EMR and billing deliver:

  • Twice the Medicare compliance in half the time
  • Minimizing or eliminating documentation homework and therapist burnout
  • With an average 9.6% increase in collections per claim
  • For 30% less than you spend today for documentation and billing.

Twice the Medicare-specific defensive documentation content, in half the time. Our technology recommends an average 1,250 patient-specific words in each evaluation.

Think of it,

If you type 60 words per minute, you can save 20 minutes per evaluation.

None of this documentation is erroneous of fluff. We can show you Medicare transmittals that specify the requirement for every keystroke.

Therapists are often shocked after seeing the compliance recommended by Systems 4PT technology. Our webinars demonstrate the necessity for the hundreds of words required to defend eval severity, the 10% de minimis rule, progression of functional deficits and every CPT code’s intended impact on those functional deficits. This compliance was validated by Fyzical Delmarva’s recent six-month Medicare audit, which ended with a 100-point score.

By minimizing or eliminating documentation homework and compliance-related stresses,

Systems 4PT significantly minimizes or helps to eliminate therapist burnout.

Add to this an average increase in collections per claim of 9.6% vs. the practice’s prior approach to billing.

You may have seen our blog last week, celebrating our nationwide 15% higher collections per claim in January 2020. This stunning success resulted from our practice owners’ heightened focus on coinsurance and deductible collections.

Unlike Therabill, BMS, Kareo, Duxware, CASAMBA (and almost every other billing software), our technology communicates patient deductibles and coinsurance due during intake. (The others show $0.00 due). Single database integration is what enabled the 15% increase in collections.

Integrated HardStop™ payer rules and Patient Eligibility Technology, (which integrates with the payer’s database), deliver a first pass claim acceptance rate of 99.7% (this stat includes all telehealth claims during the pandemic), by far the cleanest claims in the industry.

Finally, collections that are driven by artificial intelligence insures that every unpaid claim is worked, every month. The result:

Our practices enjoy an average 9.6% increase in collections per claim

vs. their prior approach to billing.

Best of all, the desperately needed benefits listed above are provided for 30% less than you pay today for EMR and billing.

The Big Picture:

Three years ago, the “State of Rehab Therapy in 2017” defined the top problems in practice owners’ minds as:

  • Slow Documentation
  • Compliance Concerns
  • Continually Declining Reimbursements

Three years after that ground-breaking survey, Systems 4PT is the only technology in the industry that solves those problems.

And that’s why our customer satisfaction is the highest of any EMR in outpatient rehab.

Treat More, Type Less™

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