Higher Collections Per Claim in 2021

You have done an AMAZING job orchestrating your recovery back to full treatment levels.

Don’t Stop!  Keep improving!

For example,

Are you expecting to increase collections per claim this year?

During Systems 4PT’s 2020, year end customer webinars, every practice owner received a spreadsheet analysis of their clinic’s economics. We then reviewed a step-by-step plan that laid out each practice’s  unique roadmap to higher collections per claim in 2021.

What’s so exciting about this collaborative effort is:

  • Systems 4PT practices already collect 10% to 13% more per claim than they did using their prior EMR/billing (We measure before and after with each installation).
  • MIPS helps a lot. 74% of our practices achieved a 100-point MIPS score.   This reduced offsets the Medicare payment cuts to .05%. Their Medicare pay cut is not 9%, not 3.6%, it is ½ of 1%.
  • The customized strategies cost nothing. They do not require working longer hours or buying add-on gimmicks
  • It is important that we all stay optimistic. Important that we all continue to plan for success and then expect to achieve it!
  • This is how your practice will thrive in the future:
    • Finding opportunities in your practice-specific data
    • Creating a plan to make those opportunites reality
    • Leveraging technology (without paying a penny more) to achieve superior results with less work
    • And then frequently measuring success
      • The old cliché is true: What get’s measured, get’s better

You can do the same.   Without spending a penny, you can increase collections in 2021.

Systems 4PT delivers:

  • Twice the EMR compliance, documented in half the time
  • 10% to 13% higher collections pre claim vs. our practices’ prior approach to billing
  • With no start up fees and 35% lower monthly cost than you pay for EMR & billing

Your EMR promises to help therapists achieve greatness

Have they kept their promise?

Systems 4PT delivers the improvements you’re looking for

Treat More, Type Less

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