Five Problems Solved by the Treatment Plan Library

20% of diagnoses represent 80% of your patient volume

You’ve spent years perfecting your treatment techniques for those common diagnoses, honing the approaches that maximize patient progression.  But today,  with every new eval, you waste time by re-typing your excellent treatment plans again and again.

Systems 4PT provides you with a library to store your frequently used treatment plans.

Your treatment plan library can be sorted by diagnosis, complexity, or payer.  You can share it with other therapists or keep it private.  All plans are fully editable and can be tailored to reflect each patient and your clinical judgment. And when you select the plan you want; it loads in the blink of an eye!


  1. Eval Documentation Time is Reduced by an Average of Six Minutes

Spend your time delivering your expert treatment plan instead of typing it.

  1. The Correct CPT Codes Can Be Auto Populated

Compliant and payer-specific CPT codes can be loaded automatically from the treatment plan library, while you focus on the patient, confident that you’ll be paid.

  1. Billable Minutes and Maximum Defendable Unit Charges Can Be Auto Populated

Imagine knowing that every one-hour evaluation has been documented with four units charged.  The treatment plan library can autofill maximum legitimate charges, defended with the appropriate billable minutes, resulting in higher charge capture with higher compliance.

  1. New Therapists Can Be Oriented Toward Best Practices That Yield Higher Progression

Your new therapists don’t need to spend 15 years perfecting their clinical approach to common diagnoses.  You’ve already done that!   Using your treatment plan library, new therapists will deliver higher patient progression with greater consistency than they possibly could on their own.

  1. Your Entire Practice Can Be Oriented Toward Your Proven Treatment Paradigms Throughout the Entire Episode of Care

The genius of your treatment strategy includes how the plan unfolds in subsequent visits as the patient progresses.   Your plan introduces new techniques, at the exact right time, accelerating patient recovery.   Your full, anticipated treatment flow sheet is loaded from the library.  During the evaluation, only the top seven rows might be used.  But with each subsequent visit, your full plan copies forward, and your therapists are guided toward the next phase of treatment.

Systems4 PT’s treatment plan library will deliver superior compliance, higher reimbursements, and more  hands-on treatment time with every patient visit.

Treat More, Type Less™

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