Expensive half-truths about your billing and collections

The Expensive Half-Truths Your Web Based PT EMR is Telling You About Your About Their “Integrated” Billing

Most EMR companies play it “fast and loose” when they discuss Outpatient Rehab billing and collections. Their generalities describe that gnarly world as really “pretty simple” when in fact those half-truths are costing you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Everyone understands why billing integration is a must-have feature. That’s why so many EMRs say they are integrated when in fact they are not.

A non-integrated system is easy to recognize: The billing module comes with different software and a different brand name than the EMR module, i.e., the billing and EMR are two completely separate software programs (see illustration below).

Non-Integrated Billing Brings Three Expensive Problems

First problem: Many times CPT codes and/or unit charges do not successfully export to the separate billing software. The EMR blames the billing software and vice versa. The practice owner is left with two unattractive options: Either pay the staff every day to manually check if all charges transfer, or accept the fact that he/she is under billing and, therefoe, under collecting their cash.

Second problem: Patient obligations posted in the billing office (coinsurance, deductibles, etc.) do not transfer to the front desk, i.e., the non-integrated billing system cannot communicate back to the front desk. This means that day after day, as patients who owe money are checked in, the non-integrated schedule screen does not show what they owe.

Third problem: Collecting money from insurance companies is severely compromised because the collector does not have ready access to documentation and scans. Collectors either call the front desk asking for printouts, or you pay extra EMR user fees every month to access the information.

In short, a non-integrated billing system is a very bad choice for an outpatient rehab clinic.

Fully Integrated Billing

It’s very simple. Scheduling, EMR, Billing, and Reporting modules are all in the same database (see illustration below). Data flows smoothly back and forth between all departments and your staff has instant access to the information needed to perform their respective responsibilities, including collecting your money.

Systems 4PT was the first EMR in outpatient rehab to have a fully-integrated system (2004). Every year, consistent with our philosophy of constant improvement, we refine our technology, most recently adding an artificial intelligence component.

The Results Speak for Themselves

  • Since 2012, while reimbursements have declined for everyone else, Systems 4PT has increased our customers’ average collections per claim by 18%
  • On average, when practices install Systems 4PT, their collections per claim increased 9%
  • Our customers’ collection cycle averages 18 days, which is 68% faster than the industry average and 50% faster than the other two leading EMRs

Non-integrated billing is costing you tens of thousands of dollars every year. Give us a call for a free demo and start getting paid what you deserve.

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