It’s the time of year when patient deductibles reset.  As such, patient payments due at intake are 2 to 3 times higher than they normally are.

For the average practice, there is over $10,000 of new, current, patient balances (not including past due).

  • Open the ‘Self Pay Aging Report’ in your EMR.
  • Note balances for the last two months – These are deductibles
  • You collect 100% of self pay, there is no “contractual discount”
  • Without collecting these deductibles, your practice will lose money on the associated treatments. Unacceptable

During Jan/Feb, deductibles cause

your patient self pay balances to

significantly increase.

We recommend you “huddle” with your Front Desk Staff, covering these points:

  • Deductible, Coinsurance, Self Pay are all visible to the front desk when patients are checked in
  • Note: Despite marketing as “integrated”, with web based PT EMR these balances are not visible at the front desk because billing is a separate software program. This costs you 3% to 4% of revenue.
  • This primitive technology is unacceptable
  • You deserve to work with a “trustworthy” EMR who doesn’t lie to you about billing integration
  • Remind Staff that as healthcare evolves, patient obligations are increasing
  • “We deliver exceptional outcomes, we deserve to be paid”

Make it clear that

  • You expect these balances to be paid on intake
  • You’ll be checking self pay balances several times per week
  • You expect to see these balances decrease
  • If the self pay balances continue to increase, there will be more meetings.

Manage this closely through January and February;  it’s a lot of money!

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