Disgust and Anger Over Bogus MIPS Fees

Practice owners are contacting us enraged that their EMR is charging $100, $200, or even $300 per therapist per month for MIPS. These unexpected fees are pushing practice owners to higher levels of disgust and anger with each monthly payment.

Are Expensive MIPS Fees Justified?

The EMRs defend their incremental charges by providing incremental services: outcomes tacking, patient engagement, and MIPS submission. These new services add costs that are being passed on to the practice (along with an obvious, significant profit).

These EMRs are dead wrong.

What they’re doing is dangerous for our industry.

One of the top complaints in our industry is “continually declining reimbursements.”

This isn’t complicated:

  • Everyone forecasts that reimbursements will trend downward
  • And everyone also expects the CMS (and other payers) to introduce increasingly complex rules

Will the next new CMS rule be accompanied by an additional $100 to $300 monthly charge per therapist? What happens if there are three new rules, four, or five? Will practice owners be forced to pay more for CMS add-on compliance than they do for the EMR itself? All the while, their EMR proclaims how trusted they are.

This is How a “Business Partner” Acts

Systems 4PT views the relationship with our practices as a partnership. We rely on our therapists to provide the highest patient progression and satisfaction in outpatient rehab.

And they deliver!

Likewise, our practice owners rely on Systems 4PT to avoid increasing their expenses. They rely on us to constantly improve efficiencies so that their practice is profitable, even in an environment of declining reimbursements.

Systems 4PT understands that if practice expenses increase while reimbursements decline, there will be no more private practices. Our practices rely on Systems 4PT to think outside the box, negotiate with vendors, and innovate solutions with unprecedented efficiencies.

Our customers rely on Systems 4PT to deliver MIPS compliance in 20 seconds or less.

At no extra charge

And that’s exactly what we deliver.

If you’re sick of your venture-capital-bank-owned EMR slamming you with add-on fees, give us a call.

Systems 4PT is 17 years old. Because we’ve always been stable and profitable, Systems 4PT is owned and managed by the founding management team, not a bank. We’re in control of our future. And we’re in control of our pricing.

Systems 4PT provides the fastest MIPS workflow in the industry,

With the highest compliance in the industry,

At no extra charge.

If your compliance is being held hostage

by a greedy EMR, let’s talk.

Let’s talk about how S4PT can help your clinic get more!

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