Collections Impact, the Aftermath of 2020

2020 has been a chaotic crisis.  How has EMR performed?  How have your collections endured?

Systems 4PT practices’ 12-months average collections per claim increased over 4% vs. the prior 12 months

“Pandemic” was never a line item on my budget.  So when the pandemic hit and our business closed its doors Systems 4PT was there to help spearhead our telehealth program. We had everything in place but of course did not know if we were to be paid for our service. Systems 4PT immediately took ownership of getting our claims paid. They took so much pressure off my business I could then focus on my staff and patients. I knew Systems 4PT had my back.  Today, our 2020 collections per claim are up nearly 4.4% vs. the prior 12 months in 2019.  ‘Very thankful that Lacey Physical Therapy partnered with Systems 4PT” 

Kevin Lacey, DPT
Owner, Lacey Physical Therapy

Your EMR is telling you that everyone is suffering from continually declining reimbursements.

Systems 4PT isn’t making excuses.  Our customers are enjoying an average 4.2% increase in collections per claim.

Systems 4PT is the technology leader in Outpatient Rehabilitation

During COVID, therapists using our technology have increased collections per claim by over 4%

Our technology will fully offset (recoup payments) for the 9% Medicare fee schedule cuts

Systems 4PT would like to work as a partner, toward increasing your success.

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