2021 Collection Trends: The Year Starts with Optimism

A pleasant surprise, when Outpatient Rehab Needed it Most.

Nationwide, Systems4PT Practices’ YTD Collections per Visit:

  • Higher Than the Prior Three Years
  • Higher Than the Prior 9-Year Average

     (Note: This stat does not include the $2,400 MIPS bonus dollars that our average practice is receiving in 2021.)

Congratulations to our practices.  All of us at Systems4PT are thrilled!

Increasingly, EMRs are making bold statements about collections.

Does your practice’s collection trend look like the graph above?

Every EMR Promises to Increase Your Collections Per Claim

Only Systems 4PT Has Delivered It

You deserve to be fairly paid.  Give us a call and we will show you the only technology that is actually proven to increase collections.

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