CMS 2021 Proposed Rule: It’s Time to Stop the Madness

The CMS released their proposed rule for 2021 on Tuesday, August 4th. As you’ve probably heard,

The expected 8% cut in Outpatient Rehab’s 2021 Medicare fee schedule has been changed

It’s now a 9% cut

There is nothing stopping BCBS, AETNA, CIGNA, HUMANA and the other major payers from doing the same.

The COVID pandemic and economic crisis has left many practices surviving “day to day”, literally hanging on by a thread. A 9% cut in reimbursements is untenable. But there is very good news.

After reading the proposed rule, Systems4PT reviewed our practices’ collections before and after system installation. (We have tracked this stat for every new practice since 2003.) Systems4PT has once again verified that our practices collect an average 9.6% more per claim vs. their prior approach to billing.

You’re in control

Your practice has the ability to offset the looming 9% reimbursement cuts

The above is very good news.

This isn’t a smoke and mirrors marketing pitch; it’s how we work. Systems 4PT expects to be judged with the expectation that collections per claim will increase 9.6%.

It’s no secret why no other EMR is able to make this simple, accountable promise. No other EMR has Systems 4PT’s Technology:

  • EMR & Billing integrated in one, single database
  • Integrated payer rules
  • HardStop™ validation
  • Patient Eligibility Technology that integrates with the payer’s database
  • Visual cues when each date of service is clean and billable
  • A list of all encounters that are blocked from billing submission because they don’t pass payer rules
  • Collections technology powered by artificial intelligence

This technology yields 9.6% higher reimbursements. Contact us and we’ll show you exactly how it works. Or, you can see an overview on this billing video link.

The Other Suggested Approach:

At face value the option recommended by the other leading EMR is insulting, because their solution starts with additional fees. The “Pitch” is that if you pay an added monthly fee for the EMR’s patient relationship module, you then might increase treatment volume by 9%.

We know what you’re thinking, and we agree.

How are therapists supposed to add 9% more patients to their already unmanageable caseloads?

Rather than working later, treating more patients and sacrificing even more of your nights and weekends catching up on notes.

Collect 9.6% more for each patient that you currently treat

And fully offset the looming 9% cuts

We’re happy to show you how Systems 4PT delivers:

  • Twice the Medicare compliance, documented in half the time
  • Average collections that are 9.6% higher vs. your current performance
  • For 30% less than you spend today for EMR and billing

The above is why Systems 4PT enjoys the highest customer satisfaction of any EMR in outpatient rehab.

You’re in control

Your practice has the ability to offset the looming 9% fee schedule cuts

We’re here to help.

Treat More, Type Less™

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