Therapist Spotlight:

Christopher Marrone of Robinson Physical Therapy

S4PT: Why did you choose Systems 4PT as your EMR?

CHRIS: We were with Systems 4PT for close to 5 years and then left because we tried a joint venture with another clinic. When we did that, we had to switch to their EMR, which wasn’t user friendly, was counterintuitive, and really slowed us down. We then left that partnership and came right back to Systems 4PT. Frankly, to us, there was no other option but to return to Systems 4PT and we’re glad that we did

S4PT: What do you like best about Systems 4PT?

CHRIS: The new 2017 Eval Codes functionality is great for us. It makes it like nothing extra even happened – like nothing changed. I can’t say enough about the program.

By creating and signing a note and associated charge sheet, we do our own billing. Systems 4PT does our collections and we have never had an issue with that – ever. We enjoy maximized collections per claim.

Even though there are always things here and there that we would change to suit our own way of doing things, there is nothing major we would ask to have changed.

I personally do not document at point of care because with Systems 4PT I can do an eval in under 10 minutes. I’m never back logged because while my patients are on heat and e-stim, my eval is completed before they even “beep!”

S4PT: Do you have any advice for new PTs?

CHRIS: Keep an open mind and never forget how much fun it is to treat people the way they need to be treated – not as a number – they can tell the difference. Never lose your personal touch.

Our goal is to spend as much time actually treating our patients as possible. That should be your goal, too.

Christopher Marrone MPT, LAT, ATC has been a PT specializing in general orthopedics for 15 years, and an athletic trainer for 17 years, working toward general injury protection. Chris is an adjunct Clinical Instructor in the Departments of Athletic Training and Physical Therapy at Duquesne University, and is Director/Partner at Robinson Physical Therapy in McKees Rocks, PA.