Offsetting the 9% Medicare Fee Cuts, MIPS Proves its Value

Beginning January 1st, MIPS bonus dollars will offset (pay back) 20% of Medicare’s pay cuts for Systems4PT practices.

Systems 4PT Practices Receive Quarterly MIPS Updates.  Our Q3 trending MIPS scores:

  • Most Systems4PT practices are trending toward 100 points
  • Our practices’ nationwide average trending MIPS score is 92.3 points

MIPS is the Only Way to Offset the Pending Medicare Payment Cuts.

MIPS offsets (pays back) 20% of the 2021payment cuts. We expect our practices’ exceptional performance will offset an even higher percentage in future years.

Here’s why your practice “isn’t winning” with MIPS:

  • You can’t improve your MIPS performance because you don’t know your trending MIPS score. There is no communication from your EMR
  • You pay your EMR A LOT of money for MIPS submission
    • Systems4PT doesn’t charge extra for MIPS
  • Your practice won’t receive MIPS bonus dollars in January and you’re not on track for bonus dollars the next year either

MIPS is a “Net Loss” for Your Practice

Why Do You Continue to Pay MIPS Fees When You Get Nothing Back?

Systems 4PT has the solution:

  • A 10 second MIPS workflow that includes the 150 – 300 words of required defensive documentation
  • Quarterly MIPS trending score updates
  • The highest MIPS scores (and bonus dollars) in outpatient rehab in 2019 and again in 2020
  • Provided at no additional charge

It’s easy to win with MIPS

But You Have to be on the Right Team

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