Beware of the Bogus “MIPS Guarantee”

Everyone knows that MIPS is complicated. And WOW…MIPS is expensive if you fail to comply. As such, a company that offers “Guaranteed MIPS Success” may seem to be the best solution to the problem.  BUT, as the saying goes:

“The large print giveth and the small print taketh away”

The “MIPS guarantee” that’s being marketed in outpatient rehab will NOT reimburse your MIPS takebacks.   According to the fine print, if your practice fails MIPS, that company will reimburse their MIPS-related charges for patient engagement, outcome test collection, and data registry submission.

You are 100% liable for MIPS takebacks

This sleight of hand is not a good deal.   Not at all.

Systems 4PT provides an integrated, end-to-end-electronic MIPS workflow at no charge

By identifying which EMR delivered the highest compliance with the major components of MIPS in prior years, you can best predict who will deliver the highest MIPS compliance in 2019. For example, “Quality” is 85% of the MIPS score for outpatient rehab in 2019.  “Quality” is essentially a more complicated version of PQRS.  Your goal is to identify:

“Which EMR had the highest success with PQRS in 2016?”  The answer is: Systems 4PT

In 2016, 60% of overall outpatient rehab complied with PQRS requirements, using a 5-minute workflow.

In 2016, 99.3% of Systems 4PT’s therapists complied with PQRS requirements, using a 10-second workflow.

Don’t be fooled by meaningless, sleight-of-hand marketing tricks.  Demand integrity.

Systems 4PT Does NOT Charge for MIPS

Systems 4PT delivers:

  • The highest demonstrated success in the industry with the major component of MIPS
  • The fastest MIPS workflow in the industry
  • And NO extra MIPS charges. At all.
    • Systems 4PT doesn’t charge for patient engagement, outcomes reporting, or end-to-end electronic MIPS submission, including our QCDR