As Treatment Rates Increase, So Does Concern about Therapist Burnout

We’re all thrilled as outpatient rehab practices are returning to full treatment capacity.

Getting back to a full patient schedule fills each of us with optimism and energy:

Finally, something to celebrate!

The problem:  When your packed schedule returns so does documentation homework.  Your gut is telling you, “I can’t go back to spending nights and weekends catching up on notes”.

We don’t want this to happen

“Normalcy” does not mean returning to a lifestyle of homework and burnout

Systems 4PT will lower your documentation time by 50%:

  • Most of our daily notes are signed at point of care, before the patient leaves the practice
    • And we’ve proven that patient progression does not suffer
  • Our technology recommends an average 1,250 words of patient-specific defensive documentation in each evaluation.
    • Think of it, if you type 60 words per minute, that will save you 20 minutes of typing with each eval!

Systems 4PT applauds your practice’s accelerating recovery.  We encourage you focus on your safety, focus on your patients and,

Say NO to returning “back to the old days” of documentation homework and burnout.

Sign up for a system overview and let’s leave documentation homework behind.

Treat More, Type Less™

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