Artificial Intelligence’s First Application in

Collections Yields Inspiring Outcomes

While few practice owners are experts in outpatient rehab billing, you don’t have to be a billing expert to realize, “My practice is falling behind. The payers have the upper hand.”

Systems 4PT is the only billing solution that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning, which has completely changed billing and collections in outpatient rehab.  Collections have increased!

How Systems 4PT Increases Your Collections

  • Systems 4PT’s super computers monitor each billing region’s payment trends and establish “payment norms” for each payer
  • At the same time, artificial intelligence monitors the AR for your practice
  • When any of your claims exceed the payment norm for their specific payer, they are flagged
  • Flagged claims are prioritized, based on timely filing implications, dollar volume, previously identified “payer anomalies,” and other factors
  • This prioritized list is sent to the collections specialist who then attacks the list of unpaid claims, to work “the most important” claims first

This game-changing technology is part of why Systems 4PT averages 9% higher collections vs. our customers’ prior approach to billing.  We know this because we measure collections before and after each installation.

Your other options to increase collections are to attend billing webinars where you “ask an expert” or to hire a consultant.  Those efforts are futile.

Remember, the payer’s computer is processing 50,000 decisions per second!

Unless you can ask 50,000 experts per second, the payer wins.

It’s all about technology.

Systems 4PT practices collect more money because more time is spent collecting money!

Be Fair to Your Practice and to Yourself

Stop delivering A+ patient progression for C+ reimbursements.

To see how Systems 4PT will increase your collections beyond any other approach, give us a call.

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