Affordable Physical Therapy

You Deserve Affordable Physical Therapy Software that delivers.

You shouldn’t have to choose between an affordable physical therapy software solution that gets you paid and an efficient one that reduces your administrative tasks; with S4PT you get the best of both worlds.

Fighting with insurance companies isn’t part of your job description. And you shouldn’t have to hire extra staff to handle billing and claims when those resources could be better spent on enhancing patient care. Insurance companies siphon healthcare funds from providers with low reimbursement rates and foster administrative burdens with delayed payments, frequent denials, and network limitations. Leaving PTs underpaid, undervalued, and burnt out. It’s time to change that.

Boost Revenue and Patient Care with S4PT’s Billing Solutions

S4PT’s experienced insurance collections team is well-versed in insurance claims and coding complexities and prepared to handle any disputes with payors and fight for your unpaid claims. Our EMR reduces the chances of claim denials and rejections, ensuring your submissions are accurate and compliant. We offer our full suite of services at a flat rate of 6.5% of insurance collections so you can maximize revenue cycle efficiency and treat more patients.

Here’s what you can expect when you get your bill from S4PT…

Affordable physical therapy

Affordable physical therapy software doesn’t have to be a myth. S4PT’s all-inclusive solution reduces documentation time, enhances compliance, and ensures you get paid without costing you a fortune. Discover how our software can streamline your practice and boost your financial success. Contact our team members today to learn more or schedule a free software demo.

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