A Note That Writes Itself

780 of the 1,100 words in a typical evaluation are recommended by Systems4PT.  In the blink of an eye.

Clean CPT codes, that the payer will pay, are recommended.  Correct G-codes are recommended, complete with severity modifiers.  Therapists are asked if their documentation defends necessary modifiers, and if so, perfect modifiers are added. Real-time payer rules alert the therapist if their claim doesn’t comply, complete with instructions on how to correct the problem.

‘Sound attractive?

The great news: EMR has changed.  Big time.  And for the better

The problem: You’ve been too flat-out, double-time busy to notice, largely due to your slow, check-list EMR.

Today, 40% of what you type in an eval is repetitive.  You enter the same medical history, medications, pain, prior level of function, social factors and concerns that the patient entered during intake.  Seriously, are you a stenographer or a Doctor of Physical Therapy?

Systems 4PT documents the above topics for you.  In the blink of an eye. 
It’s common sense, don’t you think?

Next example:  Your clinical findings are the foundation of the eval.   You identify seemingly disparate topics, which combine to aggravate the patient’s condition, heighten complexities and require skilled, hands-on therapy to counter.  After documenting each of these issues, today you type these complexities a second time as you defend the necessity for skilled therapy.

Systms4PT does this for you.  You document your findings once.  State of the art EMR then recommends the comprehensive defense of skilled therapy.  Will you edit this?  Probably.  But it’s a lot faster to edit 12 words than to enter 130 words with countless checkboxes.

After selecting the most clinically relevant functional deficit, today, you also create short term and long term goals for each of them.

Systems4PT takes care of this.    ‘Kind of obvious, isn’t it?

Today, your clinical rationale should defend the treatment plan, explaining the role that each CPT code will play in restoring the identified functional deficit(s).   Let’s be honest, too often you don’t have time to enter this detail because documenting the eval takes so long.

Again, Systems4PT does this for you.

Technology is changing your life, for the better. 

Active cruise control stops your car, without your input.

Your smartphone has every map ever made, every song ever performed, accessible on demand.

And with Systems4PT, documenting your evaluation takes half the time vs. how you work today.

Treat More, Type Less.

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