A Better Approach to Management Reporting

The latest trend in outpatient EMR is to bury the practice owner with dozens of stylized reports, charts, graphs, dials and trends. There’s just one problem: After spending hours analyzing the data, the practice owner has no idea if she is profitable.

There’s an old saying:

“You can’t win the game, if you don’t know the rules”

Nowhere is this more applicable than with your practice.

Every day you restore function and happiness to the patients you treat. Over the years you’ve returned joy to thousands of patients’ lives.

You deserve to be rewarded.

Profit is the foundation of Systems 4PT’s integrated reports module.

Analyze Profit by Referral Source

On average, 1/3 of your current referral sources lose money. Today you can’t fix this problem, because you can’t measure it.

Our industry is awash with consultants and franchises who can help you grow, but none of them can guide you toward profitable growth.

You recently invested in a billboard that has noticeably increased referrals. But did you make enough profit from the billboard to pay for the billboard?

Profit-based reporting solves each of these problems.

Analyze Profit by Payer

Emphasizing profitable payers (and deemphasizing payers that cost you money) is easy to do. But you need the data.

Imagine the impact on your practice if you treat the same number of patients as today but are paid $5.00 more per patient. Profit-based reporting makes this simple.

Analyze Profit by PT, PTA, OT and COTA

You have one full-time therapist who generated $6,300 profit in a month (net of overhead and their salary), while in the same month, another therapist contributed only $2,100. What can we do to bring up the low-earning therapist? Today this is a non-starter because you’re not even aware of the problem.

Systems 4PT details profit per therapist, including each of the components that make up that profitability, on one simple, intuitive page.

Our Goal

Our goal is that you enjoy 10% to 15% pretax profit. With the right tools, this is surprisingly easy to achieve even with today’s reimbursement levels.