9% Medicare Cuts, Offset Strategy #3  

Practice owners are advocating for their own success as they move to offset Medicare’s impending 9% fee schedule reduction.

Today we recommend our third strategy:

Lower your EMR / billing costs by MORE than the amount that Medicare is cutting your payments

For 18 years, Systems4PT’s has delivered the highest technology at the lowest price:

  • Twice the Medicare compliance, documented in half the time
  • The lowest documentation homework/therapist burnout in the industry
  • And average 9.6% increase in collections vs. the practice’s prior approach to billing
  • The highest customer satisfaction in outpatient rehab

And 33% lower cost for EMR and billing than you pay today.

Your EMR savings will more than offset your Medicare pay reductions

Example, If Medicare slashes your reimbursements by $1,000 per month, installing Systems4PT can lower your EMR / Billing costs by $2,750 each month.

Let us show you how.  Every Systems4PT consultation includes an analysis of “what you’re paying today” for EMR/billing vs. “what you should be spending”.

What is your plan to offset falling revenue?

Give us a call.  We’ll show you how to end documentation homework, collect more and lower costs,

All while offsetting Medicare’s 9% fee schedule reductions.

Treat More, Type Less



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