8 Workflow Tips to Save Time on Patient Documentation

  1. Use a Patient Portal That Integrates with the EMR
    • Eliminate therapist double entry
  2. Have 1,250 Words Autofill the Average Eval
    • If you type 60 words per minute, this saves over 20 minutes of typing
  3. Be Able to View All Scans Without Leaving the Note
    • For therapists, this is a necessity
  4. Access the Library of Your Frequently Used Treatment Plans to Load In Your Favorite Flow Sheets in the Blink of an Eye
    • Flow sheets are loaded, complete with clean CPT codes that get paid, and unit charges that maximize legitimate charge capture. The therapist then edits the plan
  5. Be Able to View Patient-Entered Outcome Test Answers AND be Able to Edit Those Answers in Real-Time with the Patient
    • The resulting outcome test documentation, scoring, and complexities are updated in the note, touch free
  6. Daily Note Workflow Should be Updated to Comply with the 2019 CMS Final Rule
    • The CMS 2019 Final Rule gives us permission to document less in daily notes. Most Systems 4PT daily notes are signed before the patient leaves the practice
  7. Eliminate Web Lag
    • Therapists waste an average 5 minutes per day, staring at the computer, waiting for the screen to change
    • When you add up every click, your seemingly insignificant 2-second web lag is wasting nearly 2 hours of your time each month
    • Systems 4PT’s cloud-based architecture eliminates that problem
  8. The Visit Count Must be Accurate
    • The definition of “inefficient” is documenting a note that doesn’t get paid
    • Your web-based PT EMR counts payer visits as “consumed” when the note is signed, enabling your practice to open 13 notes for a patient that has 10 authorized visits. Systems 4PT counts visits as “consumed” when the note is opened so you don’t treat for free

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