8 New Year’s Resolutions that you can’t afford not to make

  1. Stop waiting 30 seconds or more for each note to load on your computer
    1. Your web based PT EMR tells you, “that’s normal”.  Don’t listen.
  2. Stop wasting 14 clicks just to see a scan
    1. With your web based PT EMR, you can’t see scans in the patient notes.  Because it takes 14 clicks to see a scan and return to the note, and because of web lag, you’ve just stopped looking at scans – Unacceptable.
  3. Stop spending 25 and 30 minutes writing an eval. 
    1. Why do you intentionally use one of the slowest EMRs in outpatient rehab?   Watch this video to see how you can document an eval in half the time.
  4. Stop documenting daily notes at home. 
    1. Your web based PT EMR does not support point of care documentation.  This is unfair to your personal life – Unacceptable
  5. Stop giving away 4% of your revenue
    1. While your web based PT EMR claims their billing is integrated, patient deductibles and coinsurance do not transfer from billing to the front desk.  Your EMR blogs that 80% of patient payments not collected at the front desk will never be collected – Yet they don’t show the front desk how much is due…. Nuts!
  6. Stop submitting dirty claims that don’t get paid
    1. Your web based PT EMR allows your staff to submit incomplete and incorrect data that does not get paid.  Payers are pounding you with technology, and you’re stuck with an extremely well-marketed EMR that has primitive capabilities.  Why do you accept this?
  7. Stop living with the fact that you are vulnerable to the #1 cause of HIPAA violations
    1. Unauthorized access is the #1 HIPAA violation in 2017.  Your web based PT EMR allows any user to instantly access your PHI from any computer, anywhere.  In fact, they advertise this as a benefit.  There is nothing to stop any employee from logging into your PHI from an infected computer.  This is “show up on the evening news” stuff… terrifying.  Don’t accept this level of HIPAA risk
  8. Stop paying 35% more than you should for EMR and billing.
    1. The poor performance listed above is bad enough.  Over-paying for it is insulting

Systems4PT will:

  • Cut your documentation time in half
  • Increase collections 9%
  • For 35% lower cost than you spend today
    • We know you’re busy.  Watch this introductory video to see our EMR being used.  We demonstrate how we deliver these benefits.

      New Year’s Resolution:   Let’s Fix It

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