Dont waste time documenting evaluations at home

5 Reasons Your Time is Wasted When You Document Evaluations

Documenting evaluations on nights and weekends is unfair and unacceptable.

Here are five reasons why you’re documenting in your free time, and five ways to fix it:

1. You type information that the patient has already provided


During intake for the evaluation, every patient provides their medical history, pain (at onset, at worst, at best), greatest concern(s), and current medications. Why are you typing these same 200 words a second time?


Systems 4PT’s evaluation integrates with our electronic patient portal. All of the above is imported into your evaluation, touch free.

2. You type a 15 to 30 row treatment plan


The good news: You’ve spent your career perfecting your approaches to common diagnoses. These techniques maximize patient progression


The bad news: You’re wasting time, re-documenting the treatment plans that you’ve used hundreds of times previously

Systems 4PT’s flow sheet library archives your frequently used treatment plans. Your techniques, which are proven to maximize progression, auto fill in the blink of an eye, ready for editing.

3. You manually enter outcome test answers and scores

With Systems 4PT, the patient answers functional outcome test questions during intake. The test name, date, and score all autofill into the evaluation. All questions and answers are accessible in the patient’s electronic record.

4. You type the clinical rationale for every CPT code in your treatment plan, relative to the specified functional deficit, as required by the CMS


You’ve defended each of these codes, for each of these deficits, a thousand times before. Why do you continue to waste time entering the same data? Systems 4PT recommends the clinical rationale for each CPT code in your treatment plan, touch free. You then then edit if appropriate.

5. You defend the complexity of the evaluation code with the 100-200 words of documentation, as required by the CMS


Most evals are missing this defensive documentation, making them vulnerable to rejection during audits.

Systems 4PT data mines the therapist’s clinical judgement throughout the evaluation, and then recommends this defensive documentation, without typing.

Systems4PT’s technology recommends an average of 1,250 words per evaluation.


If you type 60 words per minute, our technology will save you 14 minutes per eval. If you document one eval per day, your documentation time is lowered by over an hour each week. If you document two evals per day, you’ll spend 2 hours and 20 minutes LESS TIME catching up on notes from home, EVERY WEEK.

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