12 Examples of How Your Web-Based PT EMR is Hurting Your Practice

    1. Today, your evaluation takes 30 minutes. With Systems4PT you can document a Medicare eval in half the time, with twice the compliance.  Watch the video and see for yourself


    1. Today, you can’t see scans in the patient’s chart. Because it takes so long to navigate to scans, you’ve basically stopped looking at them.  Systems4PT allows you to view all scans, without leaving the note


    1. Today, you have to work late to catch up on unsigned notes. With Systems4PT you can document and sign daily notes at point of care.  Then go home on time


    1. Soon, payers will require that eval code complexity is defended on every eval (100 – 200 words of defensive documentation). Systems4PT does this in fewer than 30 seconds vs. the 15 minutes required with any other EMR


    1. Systems4PT technology integrates with the payer’s computer (for major payers) and verifies insurance eligibility, patient name, demographics, ID and group #’s, copay, coinsurance, remaining deductible, and remaining Medicare cap dollars – instantly, automatically, and at no charge.


    1. Systems4PT’s integrated Integrated payer rules guide your front desk staff to comply with payer requirements, creating clean claims that get paid


    1. Systems4PT produces the undisputed cleanest claims in outpatient rehab. We average a 99.87% first-pass acceptance rate.  You deserve to be paid!


    1. Your web based PT EMR told your that billing is integrated, however:
    • Patient co-insurance, and deductible charges don’t transfer from billing to the front desk because billing is in a separate database. Front desk staff can’t see how much the patient owes.   With Systems4PT, these charges are visible to front desk staff.  Data flows from billing to the front desk, because billing is integrated
    • When the front desk enters the patient’s co-pay it must be posted a second time in the billing module, because billing is a separate software program. With Systems4PT, this redundant busywork is eliminated, billing is integrated in the same database with scheduling and EMR


    1. Systems4PT practices can call technical support and speak with our U.S.-based staff, 24/7/365. How ‘bout you?


    1. With Systems4PT, the practice owner decides who has access to PHI from outside the practice as well as what computers are authorized for PHI access.
    • Web based PT EMR advertises the ability for any user to instantly access your PHI from any computer, anywhere, anytime.
    • This creates two HIPAA vulnerabilities:
      • This allows employees to access your PHI without permission. Note:  Unauthorized access/distribution is the #1 HIPAA violation according to the Dept. of HHS.
      • This approach gives employees anytime access your PHI from unsafe computers, i.e., computers that are corrupted with malware.
    • The practice owner is liable for HIPAA violations
      • Why would you use an EMR that advertises these vulnerabilities as benefits?


    1. Your primitive EMR does not track profitability. Systems4PT’s management reporting is integrated in one database with billing and EMR.
    • We measure profit:
      • By referral source
      • By payor
      • By therapist


    1. Systems4PT is 1/3 less expensive than web based PT EMR