Your weekly billing meeting is hurting your practice

A common trait among practices who outsource their billing is to have a weekly teleconference to review accounts receivable.

People explain the necessity for these calls, saying, “My biller works with a lot of practices, each of which meets with them weekly to give them assignments. If I don’t have a weekly billing meeting, my work falls to the bottom of the pile.”

These weekly meetings are not fixing the problem

If you have to manage your outsourced biller’s priorities every week, you’ve got the wrong biller. By spending time reviewing EOB’s and searching for collection priorities, the owner is treating fewer patients than they should (and losing revenue). And since when is it OK to pay someone to do a job… And then you do the job for them?

Systems 4PT provides scheduling and EMR that is integrated into the same database with collections. Our technology GUARANTEES that open accounts receivables are called every month.

We average an 18-day collection cycle, nationwide, including workers comp and motor vehicle claims.

Our practices average a 9.2% increase in collections vs. their prior approach to billing.

And we charge 30% less than you pay today for outsourced billing that isn’t doing the job!

Let Us Help You Solve Your Billing Problems

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