Web Lag Has Wasted Over 100 Hours of Your Life

Web lag is the wasted time it takes your EMR to change screens.

The 4 seconds it takes your EMR to change screens adds up to over 26 minutes per week.

That’s nearly 2 hours lost every month, which adds up to 22 hours per year.

Over the past 5 years

you’ve spent over 110 hours staring at your computer while

waiting for the screen to change.

And many therapists complain that they experience web lag that lasts FAR LONGER than 4 seconds.

If you’ve watched the videos on our website you’ve seen that:

  • Systems 4PT recommends an average 1,200 patient-specific words in each evaluation
    • A Systems 4PT evaluation takes half the time to document vs. your current EMR
  • Systems 4PT’s daily notes have been updated to comply with the CMS 2019 final rule discussing, reduction of documentation for daily visits
    • For most daily notes, when the visit is over, the note is signed
  • Systems 4PT practices are producing the highest trending MIPS scores in the industry
    • With a 20-second MIPS workflow
    • Provided at no charge
  • Single-database integration communicates co-insurance and deductibles due during patient check-in
    • These balances are not communicated with web-based EMR
  • Built-in payer rules guide your staff to submit the cleanest claims in the industry, delivering an average 9% increase in collections
  • Management reports detail profit by referral source, by payer, and by therapist

And ALL of this is provided without web lag.

Our recent blog discussed how Systems 4PT operates 1,000 times better than your EMR:


Another recent blog discussed why Systems 4PT Medicare evaluations are more compliant than the evaluations your EMR can generate:


Systems 4PT provides twice the compliance in half the time.  Watch the videos on our website to see for yourself.

Don’t Lose Hours to Web Lag!

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