Web-Based PT EMR “Half-Truths”

Will Cost You Thousands of Dollars This Month

You’re losing thousands of dollars this month.

As deductibles reset for 2019, patient payments can be as much as one-third of your revenue.

But your practice can’t collect these funds efficiently during patient intake.  Because your billing software is a separate software program vs. your EMR.   The expensive reality is that while your Web-based PT EMR claims to be “integrated with billing”, patient deductible charges don’t transfer from billing to the separate front desk software.

As such, your EMR is not telling your front desk staff that they are checking in a patient who owes $350 in deductibles.  You’re treating for free.

Short-Term Workaround to Collect Your Money:

  • Manually analyze patient balances (in the separate billing system) on a daily basis
  • Maintain a manual list of deductibles due, by patient, at the front desk
  • Manage the process. Manually track the patients who were treated today.  Did they pay their deductibles?
  • Reward your front desk staff for collecting the money. Entice them with a hundred dollar bonus to hopefully increase collections by thousands

Systems 4PT integrates front desk, EMR, and billing in one, single database.  Front desk staff are alerted to deductibles and coinsurance due, by patient, adjusted for payments and new charges.

The “We’re integrated” example above is one of more than a dozen reasons why your web-based PT EMR is hurting your practice.

What to do Next:

Job 1: You should complete the manual process described above and collect the money that you have earned.

Job 2: You should find a more trustworthy EMR.

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